About Us Turning Couples into Families

At Houston Fertility Institute, we recognize the importance of relationships in overcoming infertility, and we seek to build trusting, caring relationships with our patients. Every patient is cared for with sensitivity, compassion and understanding throughout the treatment process.

Houston Fertility Institute provides patients with comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of infertility complications. An individualized treatment plan is developed based on your body, your needs and your objectives.

HFI’s multiple convenient locations throughout the greater Houston area provide couples with an alternative for advanced infertility treatment. We believe that the convenience of being treated close to home or work, in a caring and supportive environment, can be greatly beneficial to treatment outcomes.

Couples who experience infertility also suffer from stress and may face additional physical or psychological symptoms linked to the inability to conceive. At HFI, we seek to support the overall wellness of our patients. Our recommendations include stress reduction, balanced nutrition, regular exercise and in some cases, alternative therapies as part of the treatment program.

Centers of Excellence Network

Houston Fertility Institute is a proud member of the OptumHealth Centers of Excellence network, which recognizes medical centers and programs with proven experience and statistically successful track records.