Dr. Heather


Director of Collaborative Medicine

Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist 


Dr. Heather Hoff is a native South Dakotan, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from the University of South Dakota. She obtained her medical degree and completed the Research Distinction Track at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City, Iowa.  Her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology was completed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where she received numerous teaching and research awards, including Best Chief Resident Educator and the Resident Research Award.  Dr. Hoff then ventured south for her Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Dr. Hoff’s research during fellowship was focused on improving embryo implantation.  Her clinical and translational research interests include embryo development, laboratory quality control, fertility preservation, and mental health disorders and infertility. Her research has led to numerous publications in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, including the field’s leading journals, and she has presented her work both nationally and internationally.  Dr. Hoff is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is also a member of Houston Gynecological and Obstetrical Society, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Hoff enjoys all aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology, with special interest in infertility, same-sex couple fertility support, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and elective fertility preservation.

She is thrilled to be joining the HFI team and is completely committed to providing compassionate and individualized care to achieve successful outcomes.

Q: What inspired you to become a physician?

A: My fascination with medicine began as child on a small dairy farm in South Dakota. I was certain I wanted to be a veterinarian because loved caring for the animals on the farm, especially the young calves I helped deliver and feed. That was my plan until I had emergency surgery as a teenager. I was blown away by how my surgeon treated me so compassionately and skillfully. Once in medical school, though, it became obvious that my passion lies in helping people on their journey to become parents.

Q: What is your favorite job from the past?

A: Working as a nursing aid at a skilled nursing facility through college was a great experience. It was my first healthcare job and it gave me immense satisfaction to be able to care for the residents and help them enjoy their lives. This position solidified my drive to pursue medicine as a career.

Q: What are you most passionate about professionally?

A: I believe that every person has a right to pursue their reproductive goals, and I am passionate about making access to reproductive healthcare a reality.

Q: What do you and your family like to do for fun?

A: Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies because it allows me to be creative, spend time with the ones I love, and share a delicious meal.

Q: What are you passionate about outside of work?

A: I love to explore different cultures. Here in Houston, I am fortunate to be able to experience various traditions in food and festivals, and I also enjoy the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally to immerse myself in other ways of life.

Q: What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

A: I absolutely have my dream job! Being able to help people become parents is immensely satisfying. Besides the long awaited OB scan, my most rewarding moments at work involve educating patients about fertility and the mechanics of the reproductive and endocrine pathways. I am fortunate to work in a rapidly advancing field where new therapies are constantly evolving. Providing my patients current, evidence-based, and individualized care is my priority.

Q: What special awards or recognition are you most proud of?

A: I’m most proud of the Chief Resident Teaching Award. Teaching obstetric and gynecology providers not only allows me to build relationships with those future providers but also to help them educate and care for their future patients.

Q: If you could tell potential patients one thing about you, what would it be?

A: I am here to offer you education and guidance for your reproductive options based on your specific history and goals. My aim is to provide you with a compassionate and personalized treatment plan. I know this process can be anxiety provoking, but I am committed to helping you feel at ease and to achieving a successful outcome.

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  • ASRM Corporate Member Council In-training Travel Grant 2015
  • Pacific Coast Reproductive Society Scholarship Winner 2015
  • Ann Harris Resident Research Award Mayo Clinic 2014
  • Best Chief Resident Teacher Award Mayo Clinic 2014
  • ASRM Corporate Member Council In-training Travel Grant 2012
  • Research Distinction Track 2010
  • American Neurological Association Medical Student Award 2008
  • University of Iowa Foundation Scholarship 2008
  • Carver College of Medicine Scholarship 2006-2010
  • Presidential Alumni Scholarship 2001-2005
  • Charles R. Estee Scholarship 2003-2004
  • Joseph Spies Scholarship 2002-2003
  • Bausch and Lomb Award 2001
  • Girls State Scholarship 2001-2002
  • Samsung Scholarship 2001-2001
  • Wal-Mart Scholarship 2001-2002


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