Struggling with Infertility? When to See a Fertility Specialist


Infertility is broadly defined as difficulty getting pregnant for 6-12 months. Most patients who struggle for that long will have a diagnosable condition that is making it difficult to become pregnant. We encourage patients who have been struggling with infertility and are unsure about when to see a fertility specialist to take charge and schedule a consultation at Houston Fertility Institute.

Our fertility specialists also care for patients with many other needs such as women with recurrent miscarriage or women who want to freeze their eggs. Other situations in which patients may seek help to conceive may include single women desiring to have a child on their own, same-sex couples, and individuals who may need to undergo invasive treatments for cancer and other serious medical conditions. All of these situations present unique medical and personal decisions, which our doctors would be happy to discuss and assist in.

Houston Fertility Institute has 13 locations throughout the Greater Houston area. Contact us to schedule your first consultation and take your next step today.