LGBT Family Building – Fertility Treatment at HFI


Houston Fertility Institute (HFI) believes that everyone should be able to pursue their dream to have a family and is proud to serve the LGBT community and their family building needs. HFI has extensive experience providing same-sex couples with all levels of fertility treatments. Together with your physician, you will decide which treatments best meet your goals on the path to parenthood.

Making the LGBT Family Building Process Smoother

We know that the process of fertility evaluation and treatment can be intimidating and often confusing. The healthcare providers at HFI are dedicated to help you understand all of your options and to explain the steps involved in your initial evaluation and chosen treatment plan. In order to make this process even smoother and less stressful, we also have a dedicated team that we call our Third Party Reproduction Department. This experienced three-person team helps with patients using donor sperm, donor eggs, and/or gestational carriers in conjunction with the clinical teams located at each office in the Houston area.

IUI & IVF for Same-Sex Couples

We offer a wide variety of treatment cycles to our same sex partners ranging from low cost natural cycle IUI (Intrauterine Inseminations) to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Below is a quick overview of some of the treatment cycles that we can offer our LGBT patients:

  • Natural Cycle with Insemination (IUI) of Donor Sperm
  • Ovulation Induction with Insemination (IUI) of Donor Sperm
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycles including those cycles involving donor egg, donor sperm, and/or gestational carrier (surrogates)
  • Reciprocal IVF Cycles

What is Reciprocal IVF?

Reciprocal IVF, also called Partner IVF, shared motherhood, or co-IVF, is a treatment that involves using one partner’s eggs and the other partner’s uterus, giving lesbian couples the opportunity to physically share in the pregnancy.

How does Reciprocal IVF work?

Like a traditional IVF process, a Reciprocal IVF typically involves four stages: ovarian stimulation to stimulate the maturation of ovarian follicles, egg retrieval, fertilization and cell division, and embryo transfer to the uterus of the partner who will carry the pregnancy. Read more about the four stages of a typical IVF cycle.

IVF & Surrogacy for Gay Couples

IVF with surrogacy is a popular option for male partners who want to have a baby. To assist with surrogacy for gay couples, HFI works with a few of the best Surrogacy Agencies in Houston. We will be happy to help you find a Surrogacy Team that can help you along through the selection process and to provide you with referrals to attorneys and with assistance in navigating the legal aspects of third party reproduction. Texas is also a surrogacy friendly state.

Donor Eggs for Same Sex Couples

HFI is proud to have its own large Donor Egg Bank; one of the only donor egg banks in the southern region of the United States. This means either frozen or fresh eggs are readily available from a large number of diverse and rigorously screened donors.

Fertility Preservation and Family Building for Transgender People

Building a family can be a challenge for transgender people who want to have their own biological children. HFI provides options, including fertility preservation, to help you realize your dream of parenthood. Eggs or sperm can be frozen before undergoing cross-sex hormone treatment, surgery or both for use in the future. If you plan to undergo either treatment, fertility preservation is advised.

How to Get Started with LGBT Family Building at Houston Fertility Institute

The first step is a consultation visit with any one of our physicians to go over your medical history, review the appropriate fertility testing, and discuss potential treatment options. This can be done at any one of our thirteen office locations. Our goal is help you navigate the process and help you accomplish your family building dreams!