Recurrent Miscarriages


When patients struggle with multiple miscarriages, the emotional and physical toll can be exhausting. To make things worse, there is a lot of misinformation online and amongst the healthcare community about what may cause recurrent pregnancy loss so patients are often left feeling confused and helpless. Unfortunately, doctors who do not regularly care for fertility patients might not be aware of the most current research and struggle to provide clear answers. If this is has happened to you, our team at Houston Fertility Institute can help.

Identifying Reasons for Multiple Miscarriages, Providing Treatment

Each of our physicians is a proven expert in identifying and treating all types of recurrent pregnancy loss. Every patient is unique and all cases are not the same; HFI knows that that the reasons for multiple miscarriages in a patient vary from person to person and can be caused by one or more of abnormalities with the following: blood, genetics, uterine shape, environment, lifestyle or even immune system. In order to help you move past this issue, our team of specialists are all experts in applying the most effective medical and surgical techniques to help you move into the next phase of pregnancy. Contact us and let us help you.