Providing Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients


Unfortunately, life can bring difficult circumstances your way. For some, it may be an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Fortunately for patients, many cancers these days have treatments that can result in complete cure/remission, but the chemotherapy or radiation used during treatment can irreversibly damage sperm or egg quality. Once sperm or eggs are damaged, it may become difficult or even impossible to have your own children in the future. Fertility preservation for cancer patients offers options.

If you have found yourself wondering what you can do to protect your future fertility, Houston Fertility Institute can help. Our team of specialists can offer you a consultation as soon as possible and discuss your options for fertility preservation.


Inquire about Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients at HFI

Whether a patient needs sperm, egg, or embryo freezing, our team can work with your cancer specialist to help you explore the different options available to you. Many cancer specialists are actually not familiar with all the treatment options available to those wanting to preserve their future fertility. So if you are concerned about how your cancer treatments might affect your ability to have children, please ask your cancer specialist or contact our team as soon as you can. Take charge of your future; the right time is right now. Contact us today for a consultation.