Family Balancing at Houston Fertility Institute


In general, family balancing means a family chooses to have a balanced number of male and female children. After having a boy, the family may want the next child to be a girl, or vice versa. PGS and IVF makes this gender selection possible.

Your Family, Your Choice

When a sperm fertilizes an egg, it is the sperm that determines the gender of the baby. If the sperm that fertilizes the egg is carrying an X chromosome, the resulting embryo will be XX and a female. Alternatively, if the sperm is carrying a Y chromosome, the embryo will be XY and develop into a male.

Recent advances in treatment now give patients the option to test embryos and determine if it is genetically healthy and also if it will result in a baby girl or baby boy. Our team of specialists at Houston Fertility Institute are very experienced with this technology, called  preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). We know that while some patients are not interested in knowing the gender of their embryos, others may want this information so they can choose to if they’d like to have a baby boy or girl. With PGS and IVF, family balancing is an option.

For more information about family balancing, contact us for a consultation and our team of specialists can help you learn about all the options available to you