Fertility Care Honor Goes to Houston Fertility Institute Nurse

We’re proud to announce that Rene Alexander, one of our dedicated nurses here at the Houston Fertility Institute, has been recognized by Fertility Authority as its Nurse of the Month for November.

Rene, a charge nurse and LVN, was honored by Fertility Authority for her outstanding character, passion, and commitment to fertility care and fertility care patients. Rene has been practicing as a fertility nurse for nearly two decades and has been with HFI for the past four years.

Fertility nurses serve as one of the most vital components of the fertility treatment process. They act as an extension of the doctor and assist with ultrasounds, patient training, answering patients’ questions, and offering a level of deep caring that’s necessary to provide the physical and emotional support patients need to receive throughout the process.

“Being able to be a part of creating life is wonderful. Seeing [successful patients’] faces, how much they love their children, is the best reward,” Rene said. “Being able to help them achieve that is an honor.”

“My purpose is to show the world love and treat people with loving kindness.”

It’s that very sentiment that drives all of us at Houston Fertility Institute to provide the very best fertility care for each of our patients.

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