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At Houston Fertility Institute, quality infertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), ovulation induction, and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with our respected fertility specialists have resulted in the ability of thousands of couples to start their own families. As a result, we have been featured in numerous publications and on TV. However, the most important recognition we receive is from our patients. Below, you can read some success stories of some former patients of our fertility center serving Houston, The Woodlands, and other Texas communities.

The Wesch Family

Angela Parish

The Blackburn Family

Anthony & Elaina's Story

My husband and I love children and we very much desired to have children. However, because of our situation, we knew we would need assistance from a fertility doctor. We reviewed lots of information. We found the website for the Houston Fertility Institute. We decided to meet a HFI doctor in person and ask some questions... Read how Anthony & Elaina got pregnant with twins after IVF.

David & Natalya's Story

My husband and I both came from challenging family situations, and it was much later in life that we came to embrace the idea of starting our own family. We are both a little older than most first time parents, so we knew it would be difficult to conceive naturally. We were referred to Dr. Witz of Houston Fertility Institute (HFI) and we not sure what to expect. From the beginning of the process, Dr. Witz was patient and plainspoken... Learn how Natalya & David successfully completed IVF for older women.

Melanie's Story

I found out in October that not only did my first round of IVF take. but I was blessed with two babies! I am now 16 weeks pregnant with two very strong babies! Thanks to Dr. Griffith, Dr. Gill and the entire staff at the Woodlands office... Learn more about how Melanie got pregnant with the help of a Houston Fertility Institute endocrinologist in The Woodlands.

Echo's Story

I've been married for 11 years and I have a 10 year old son. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. I've had 2 miscarriages, both in the first trimester. My gynecologist recommended Dr. Williams to me after my devastation... Read about Echo's successful pregnancy from IVF after miscarriage.

Derrick & Latisha's Story

After 5 years of marriage and growing up as childhood friends, we decided to extend our family. We thought it would be as simple as stop the birth control and in a few months we would be pregnant. However, that wasn't the situation. We tried to conceive for two years with no luck. We went to a fertility specialist close to home and were told that IVF was our only option... Learn how Derrick & Latisha drove across Texas to find successful IVF treatment at Houston Fertility Institute.

Joey & Cindy's Story

I wish that by reading my story you see it as a positive outcome and it gives you high hope throughout your journey of trying to conceive. MY STORY: My husband and I had many unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments including clomid and IUI over a span of three and one-half years… Read how Cindy & Joey delivered a boy after not being able to get pregnant.

Corey & Rhonda's Story

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year — I mean REALLY celebrating, because this year our dreams came true with the help of The Houston Fertility Institute. Last year, we had pretty much given up on our hopes for a child of our own. We heard about HFI and made an appointment to see Dr. Gill.… Learn how Rhonda & Corey had a son and found success in IVF after infertility.

Jacob & Jennifer's Story

I wish that by reading my story you see it as a positive outcome and it gives you high hope throughout your journey of trying to conceive. MY STORY: My husband and I had many unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments including clomid and IUI over a span of three and one-half years… Learn how frusteration turned into one of the happiest male infertility success stories at Houston Fertility Institute.

Trent & Amy's Story

During the hardest time in mine and my husband's life, Houston Fertility Institute and our faith offered us the hope that we longed for. Dr. Haddad, Antoinette, and the rest of the staff always greeted us with a smile. Each time we arrived for our appointments, we felt comfortable… Learn more about Trent & Amy’s touching IVF success story.

Manuela's Story

A year ago I was doing research on fertility programs around the Houston area after years of longing to start a family. Thankfully, I came across the Houston Fertility Institute and nervously made my first appointment. It was then that I met Dr. Haddad and set off on my journey of making it all reality…Learn how Manuela found success though IVF.

Ronen & Felicia's Story

When I came to HFI, I was at a point of absolute frustration with my body, my infertle condition, and the fact that there are so many clinics that are waiting to take advantage of this situation. My husband and I had already spent thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant...Learn more about Ronen & Felicia's IVF success at Houston Fertility Institute.

Tom & Richelle's Story

After a year of trying to get pregnant, and month after month, nothing happening, I decided to do some research. That’s when I found Houston Fertility Institute. My experience at Houston Fertility Institute with Dr. Williams was excellent… Read about the success of in vitro fertilization with Tom & Richelle.

Laura's Story

When I first went to see Dr. Haddad, I had little hope, and I honestly was burnt out on doctors talking to me about infertility, because nothing had worked. I was chewing on my last straw so to speak (not to mention my fingernails)… Learn more about Laura and her inspiring in vitro success story.

Maher & Fairen's Story

After many sad years battling with infertility, numerous doctors and procedures that just did not work for me, I was so happy to have found Dr. Gill and his wonderful staff. I remember how my husband and I were going to give up trying to have a baby; then someone told us to go see Dr. Gill… Learn more about Fairen & Maher’s fertility success story.

Nelson & Christie's Story

We choose the Houston Fertility Clinic based on the website and the good information then website had. We set up an appointment not knowing what to expect, which doctor we would be assigned, or if we would even be able to get pregnant. After meeting with Dr. Haddad, we both felt all the anxiety go away… Continue reading about Christie and Nelson’s IVF success story.

Kevin & Rebecca's Story

My husband and I had basically given up all hope of ever becoming parents after my many years of battling infertility. I had gone through many procedures in the past and nothing seemed to work for me. We came to the realization that we would not be parents and accepted that as our reality. Or so we thought. After going in for a checkup… Learn more about Rebecca and Kevin’s IVF success story.

Mark & Gia's Story

There are words to express how grateful I am to Dr Witz and his nurse!! My husband and I were on a 6 year journey of Miscarriages and failed IUI /IVF, during our journey I had some really bad doctors. UNTIL I found Dr Witz… Learn more about Mark and Gia’s success after multiple miscarriages.

Sarah's Story

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years. We have been to numerous doctors, which were mostly a waste of time and led to many heartaches. Finally, we were blessed with the findings of Dr. Gill at Houston Fertility Institute… Read more about Sarah’s success after previous IVF attempts.

Craig & Jen's Story

For as long as I can remember the one thing I wanted in life was to be a mother. I had this picture perfect idea in my head of what my life was going to look like. I planned on marrying a terrific man and having children. I had a desire to be a mommy long before I was old enough to even become one... Learn more about Craig and Jen's long travel to Houston Fertility Institute.

Jeremy & Melina's Story

My husband, Jeremy, and I had been married for three years. We started trying to get pregnant as soon as we married. I was plagued by irregular periods and hormonal issues. We visited with several fertility clinics and just couldn't commit because nothing felt right...Read more about Jeremy and Melina's success story.

David & Brandi's Story

Dr. Griffith has been an absolute gift from God for our family!! I first met Dr. Griffith in 2009, and immediately I knew he was the doctor for our situation. Never was he pushy, he only went through and gave us options that we had. We have seen other specialists in the past here in the Houston area as well as in San Antonio and I must say that other physicians made us feel as though they were not concerned for us and our difficulties, but they were more concerned about how much money they were going to be able to make out of us. Learn more about David and Brandi's IVF success story.

Michael & Lilian's Story

My husband and I were married year 2009. June of 2010, we decided to stop using birth control and try having a baby. After 6 months, nothing happened. We decided it's time for both of us to get checked. My ob-gyn told me that was too early to assume things and told me to wait for a year at least. So we waited for another 6 months. After another 6 months had passed by, I went to a different doctor, and that doctor referred us to Dr. Skorupski. Read more about Michael and Lilian's experience at HFI.

Melvin & Natasha's Story

My name is Natasha Lovelace and my husband's name is Melvin Lovelace Jr. For the past ten years we have been trying to conceive and start our own family. For a while we thought it was impossible, and we would have to accept the fact that it was not meant for us to have children. Along with prayer and asking God to lead us in the right direction, we read through a local magazine about the commitment and success of Houston Fertility Institute (HFI). We felt that this was a sign, and we need to see what our options were. Learn more about Melvin and Natasha's success story.

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