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Egg Donation in the Greater Houston Area and Beaumont

Egg donation allows women whose ovaries do not produce enough viable eggs to become pregnant using donor eggs. Women who donate eggs give a precious gift to those who would otherwise be unable to achieve a pregnancy. An egg donor may be a friend or family member, or her identity may be anonymous. Houston Fertility Institute's anonymous egg donor program matches recipient couples with suitable egg donors.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs is designed for women who can no longer use their own eggs as the result of advanced maternal age, autoimmune disease, chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical removal of the ovaries. It may also be appropriate for women who carry a genetic disease that they do not wish to pass on to their children or women whose chances of conception with other fertility treatments are significantly low. Our egg donation program, serving the greater Houston metropolitan area, matches infertile couples with egg donor candidates.


Egg Donation - To Be a Donor

Egg Donation- To Be a Donor

Egg donors have the ability to change an infertile couple’s lives by assisting them in becoming parents through compassionate donation of their eggs.  In many testimonials, donors are referred to as anonymous angels.  A donor will be monetarily compensated for their time and efforts in this process but many say this is the least of their rewards.

Who Can Be an Egg Donor?

Any woman in good health, between the ages of 20 and 29, may volunteer at one of our Texas offices to be an anonymous egg donor. An egg donor may remain in the program until the age of 31.

Egg donors are monitored throughout the stimulation phase via blood tests and ultrasound examinations to determine how well the medication is working. These tests typically require a minimum of four morning office visits. Once it is determined that the eggs are mature, they are collected during a minor 20-minute procedure. Egg donors can return to work or school the following day knowing they have given a couple the joy of having a child!

Financial Obligations

At Houston Fertility Institute, egg donor candidates are not expected to pay for the medical and psychological screening tests, medications, or procedures involved with the egg donation cycle. Each egg donor will receive financial compensation for the time and effort they put into donating their eggs.

What to Expect as an Egg Donor

  • We will make the experience as easy and comfortable as possible.
  • You will receive individual attention from our egg donation team at one of our nine Texas offices, in Houston, The Woodlands, Willowbrook, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Medical Center, and Clear Lake.
  • Your identity will never be revealed to the recipient couple nor will you know who they are.
  • Participating at one of our Houston, Texas area offices as an egg donor has no long-term health risks and there are no adverse effects on your future fertility.

The Egg Donation Process

Egg Donation Process

The following steps outline the egg donation process at our Texas offices:

Application Process

To apply to be an egg donor, please visit and click on donor application. The application asks questions that help describe who you are as a person as well as your medical, social, and family history.

On the HFI donor website, you will find the Guide to Egg Donation. Please be sure to download and read this guide prior to completing the application. It is important to complete every question and submit your pictures during your initial application submission. You will not be able to save and resume an incomplete application.

Matching Egg Donors and Recipients

Once you are notified of your qualification, your final questionnaire and photos are placed on our donor website for recipients to review while selecting their egg donor.

Psychological Interview

Once selected by a recipient, we require all egg donor candidates to see a psychologist. This is part of our strategy to ensure your long-term psychological health. The interview will focus on the many complex moral, ethical, and psychosocial issues that confront egg donors. Our psychologist will help you explore many issues so you will feel confident in your choice to participate in the egg donation program at Houston Fertility Institute.

Medical Examination and Blood Tests

The final step in the egg donation process includes a medical examination and blood tests. During this examination, you will meet with a Houston Fertility Institute physician for a physical exam and a cervical culture (which tests for potential sexually transmitted diseases). You will also have blood drawn to test for HIV and hepatitis. If indicated, your spouse may also be tested for HIV and hepatitis.

The final step in the egg donation process includes a medical examination and blood tests. During this examination, you will meet with a Houston Fertility Institute physician for a physical exam, ultrasound, and bloodwork. You will also have blood drawn to test for HIV and hepatitis. If indicated, your spouse may also be tested for HIV and hepatitis. Your bloodwork will also be screened for other sexually transmitted diseases and genetic tests.

Egg Donation Cycle

Once the egg donor has completed all screenings and been successfully matched with a recipient, the medical staff at one of our Texas offices will initiate the egg donation cycle.

Egg Donation Checklist

  • Complete the online application.
  • Submit good quality photos that best display your features. (You may crop or enlarge as needed). Pictures should not include other people.
  • In you are eligible, our egg donor coordinator will contact you once the questionnaire and photos have been received to continue with the final steps of the application process.
  • Your photos and completed egg donation questionnaire will be placed on our donor website. We will contact you once a recipient has chosen you to be her egg donor.

More Information for Houston, Texas Area Egg Donor Candidates

If you have any questions about our egg donation program serving The Woodlands, Houston, and surrounding Texas communities, contact our egg donor coordinator today.

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