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Welcome to Houston Fertility Institute

Egg Preservation 101 Seminar

Thursday, May 12th
Doors open at 6 PM - Free Seminar begins at 6:30 PM
The Grove • 1611 Lamar St. Houston, TX
Space is limited.


A Premier Fertility Center in the Houston, Texas Area

We at Houston Fertility Institute (HFI) are dedicated to helping infertile couples realize their dream of conceiving a child. Couples that have been trying to conceive for months, or even years, can rest assured that we have the training and experience to help them overcome infertility. As leaders in the field of reproductive medicine, our doctors offer the most advanced treatments available in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Because we understand that each of our couples is facing their own unique issues and challenges, we strive to provide compassionate care that is customized to their needs and goals. In addition to fertility testing, we provide a wide range of patient services, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), and egg donation programs, as well as solutions for male infertility at our fertility center. At each of our 12 Texas locations — The Woodlands, Houston, Willowbrook, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Medical Center, Beaumont and Clear Lake — patients can expect to receive the highest quality infertility treatment from our caring professionals.

Centers of Excellence Network

Houston Fertility Institute is a proud member of the OptumHealth Centers of Excellence network, which recognizes medical centers and programs with proven experience and statistically successful track records.

Why Choose HFI

Excellent Pregnancy Rates

At HFI, we have success rates among the highest in the nation. To view our success rates from previous years visit 

2nd IVF cycle Free**

- There are no exclusions with our Financial Assurance Program! Every cash pay patient is a participant. If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and/or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET's), then your second fresh IVF cycle (and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles**) is FREE of all HFI physician fees. Terms and Conditions  

Very Competitive Pricing

We continually review costs of top competitors to make sure that we are offering our services at the best possible value. We also provide additional assistance including our Financial Assurance Program along with other financing options. Not applicable for gender selection cycles.  

Patient Orientated, Highest Quality Care

We understand the importance of individualized care and strive to make this journey as stress free and enjoyable as possible. At HFI, each patient will receive a unique treatment plan just for them with medical staff to help them along the way.  

Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Upon coming in for your initial consult, our staff will verify what benefits your insurance provides. Each patient will have an assigned financial counselor to help assist you with any financial concerns or questions. 

State of the Art IVF Lab with onsite PhD

Our lab is under the direction of Dr. Wang who boasts more than 20 years of experience in embryology. His skills consists of manipulating human embryos including IVF, ICSI, Assisted Hatching, and Cyropreservation.  

12 Convenient Locations

Comfort and convenience is our number one focus to make this fertility journey as smooth and seamless as possible. We believe that convenient fertility care provided in a supportive environment can provide an advantageous outcome on your journey. 

HFI provides exceptional value to its patients by sharing the risk with a FREE 2nd IVF cycle offer.  If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and/or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles (FET’s), then your second fresh IVF cycle (and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles**) is FREE of all HFI physician fees.

Contact Our Fertility Center Serving the Woodlands and Beyond

Our treatments have helped thousands of couples who have entrusted the future of their families to our fertility center. With Texas locations in Houston, The Woodlands, Cypress, Beaumont, Sugar Land, Katy, Medical Center, Willowbrook, and Clear Lake, we offer optimal convenience and comfort. Contact Houston Fertility Institute today and let us help you realize your dream of bringing a new child into your family.



Patient Testimonials

  • Craig and Jen

    When my husband and I had our embryo transfer. I was so scared! I just wanted to be a mommy again and I knew that HFI was our only chance. Dr. Griffith and his amazing team were so upbeat and positive. In return it relaxed me and helped me be more positive. Five days after my transfer I decided I couldn't wait and took a pregnancy test. It was positive and I was beyond shocked, beyond thankful, and forever grateful for the help HFI had in making our dream of being parents, again, a reality.

  • Michael and Lilian

    We couldn't thank Dr. Skorupski and his team enough. No words can describe how grateful we were. These people changed our life and made our dream come true. They gave us a chance to be parents. We thanked God for people like them. We are going to make sure our boy will never forget how he was conceived and who helped us bring him into this world.

  • David and Brandi

    As soon as we got a positive pregnancy test for this pregnancy we were taken right in and through many prior tests and a few procedures we had a game plan in motion for this pregnancy. The day I got the positive test we were started on our medications. It was amazing how quickly and easily things were set into motion and again Dr. Griffith's optimism has always carried us through.

  • Melvin and Natasha

    From day one, we worked with Dr. Daniel Williams, who was honest and upfront about their choices to conceive, and how they could assist us in making our dreams of starting a family come true. All the risks, medical issues, age and concerns were laid to rest as we began our IVF treatment. Dr. Williams and his professional, caring staff made us feel like we were part of the HFI family. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought we would have a baby, but the Lord blessed us with twins, a boy and girl.

  • Jeremy and Melina

    Around 2009/ 2010, Jeremy and I followed a friends recommendation to see Dr.Witz at Houston Fertility Institute. At this time I was around 35. Dr Witz took care to do every possible test on both Jeremy and I in an effort to help us choose the appropriate treatment for our situation. So, to those who struggle... I hope that you find the same blessings that we have found through HFI. I thank God everyday that we were lead to this unique institution and Dr. Witz.

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